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Your first Atlantic crossing - Les Weatheritt
Your first Atlantic crossing - Les Weatheritt
160 zł
Praktyczny i przejrzysty przewodnik dla atlantyckich nowicjuszy i o tych, którzy na razie marzą o przepłynięciu na drugą stronę. Opisuje, jak wybrać jacht, wyposażenie, załogę, trasę, porę roku... słowem, "Przepłynięcie Atlantyku dla opornych". Książka pisana przez praktyka dla tych, którzy praktykami chcą zostać.
Pozycja w języku angielskim.
Ksiązka zawiera:

Getting past go

What I really want to know
A day in the life...despite everything, it`s fun
Life on earth - not burning all your bridges
What is out there? A breaking wave of fear

The boat
Built like a rock, so what if she sinks?
One hull or two?
Get a boat with a smile
Fan fare
Less is more

How do I phone the Samaritans?
Oh goody, a crisis
The best of friends
One minute to midnight

Passage planning
Shall we just go now?
Plan in some fun
A good read
They probably sell screws in Spain
Guardian angels don`t fix diesels

There`s nowt so queer as folk
A crewed commitment
And then we were three
Sweet music of the spheres
Falling out with Freud and Jung
A nagging question
Cash-and-carry crisis
Of course we were all equals
The enemy within
Hypothesis, antithesis, synthesis. Eureka!
No corpses
The ideal crew
Crew postscript

Average for Biscay
The south is another country
Forecasts - well, there`s another surprise!
Becalmings to boast about
Is this the trades?
Ah, there`s the rub!
A crossing of two halves
Full speed ahead on the last lap
A long way from Thames, Dover and Dogger Bank
No one told me it would be this bad

Navigation and seamanship
We should see land by now
No more index error
We have no time to stand and steer
Watch out
Scope to improve
New aerial routes

Two of everything, three of some
Roll up, roll up
Main work
Drive out that calm
A sail for all seasons
Hoist by hi-tech
Hang about
Trade in that rig
Reefing and unreefing: we lay waste our hours

Entertainment and events
Nothing is as it seems
The empty sea and the sky
Sweet treats
Gone fishing
Hoo are you?

Where`s the anaesthetic?
Band aid - the ineluctable modality of motor dysfunction
First aid - missing potions
Worst aid - something we drank
Thirst aid - more than a headache
Pre-aid - shots in the arm

Madeira and Porto Santo
The Canaries
Africa - off the chart

Is that it?
I`m not going home yet
And what about you?

So what is it like?
This is the Caribbean chain
Places I`ll remember
An American dream
North Americans cross oceans too

Appendix 1: ARCing about
Appendix 2: Petronella: The boat
Appendix 3: References


Aldlard Coles Nautical
165 stron, oprawa miękka lakierowana
ISBN: 0-7136-6711-7

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