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The Practical Encyclopedia of Boating -John Vigor
The Practical Encyclopedia of Boating -John Vigor
69 zł
Książka w języku angielskim.
Spis treści:
Abandoning Ship; Accidental Circling; Accidents on Board; Adhesives; Air Masses; Air Pressure on Sails; Albatrosses; Alternators; Aluminum Hulls; America`s Cup; Amp-Hour Ratings; Anchors, Anchoring; Anchoring Rights; Anchor Types; Antifouling Paints; Apparent Wind
Backstaff; Bahamian Moor; Balanced Helm; Ballast Ratios; Ballast Taboo; Barometer; Barge Hazards; Barrier Coats; Battens in Sails; Battery Choices; Battery Needs; Beam-to-Length Ratio; Beaufort Scale; Berths; Bilge; Bilge Pumps; Binoculars; Black Box Theory; Blisters in GRP; Block and Tackle; Block Sizes; Boarding Ladders; Boat; Booms; Borers; Bosun`s Chair; Bottom Painting; Bower and Kedge; Brake and Shaft Horsepower; Brightwork; Broaching To
Bulwarks; Buoyage Systems; Buys Ballot`s Law
Calling for Help; Capsize; Capsize Screening; Castaways; Catching Water; Cavitation; Centerboards; Center of Buoyancy; Center of Effort; Center of Gravity; Chafe; Chain; Chain Locker; Chain Stoppers; Chart Datums; Charts; Chart Scales; Chart Stowage; Checking a Battery; Chines; Choosing a Boat; Circles of Position; Circumnavigation; Cleats; Clouds; Coast Guard; Cockpit Drains; Cockpits; Code Flags; Coiling Line; Coin Under Mast; Collision Bearings
Collision Regulations; Color at Sea; Color Blindness; Commissioning; Companionway Formula; Compass Bearings; Compass Courses; Compass Tests; Compass Types; Complex Lights; Computers; Cooking Afloat; Coral Reefs; Coriolis Force; Counting Seconds; Course Corrections; Cranking Ratings; Crew Overboard; Cruising Anchors; Cruising Boat Size; Cruising Lifestyle; Currents
Dacron; Danger Angles; Danger at Sea; Danger Bearings; Dead Reckoning; Deadrise; Delivery Trips; Depth-Finders; Depth-Sounders; Deviation Cards; Diesel Engines; Diesel Fuel; Diesel Maintenance; Diesel Smoke; Dinghies; Dinghy Capacities; Dinghy Life; Dinghy Oars; Dipping Lights; Direction; Displacement; Displacement Ratio; Distance Logs; Distance Off; Distress Signals; Dockage Costs; Docking; Dock Lines; Dodger; Doldrums; Downburst; Dragging Anchor; Drinking Seawater; Drogue; Drowned Outboard Motors; Dry Rot
Eating Plankton; Echo Pilotage; Electrical Bonding; Electrical Wiring; Emergency Navigation; Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon; Engine Life; Engine Oil; Enlarging Plans; EPIRBs; Epoxy; Estimated Position; Estimating Angles; Exhaust Line
Faint Lights; Fathometer; Fathoms; Fear; Fenders; Fetch; Fiberglass; Fiddles; Fighting Currents; Figure-Eight Method; Figureheads; Fire on Board; First Aid; Fisherman Anchors; Fishing Boats; Fixes; Flags; Flare; Flotation; Flotsam and Jetsam; Fog Prediction; Fog Types; Fouling Sheets; Foul-Weather Gear; Four-Point Bearings; Freak Waves; Freeboard; Freeing Anchors; Fuel Capacity; Fuel Consumption; Fuel Economy; Fuel Weight
Gaff Mainsails; Gales at Sea; Galley Placement; Galvanic Corrosion; Gasoline Dangers; Gelcoat; Gimballed Stoves; GPS; Green Flash; Groundings
Hallucinations; Halyards; Handy-Billies; Harnesses; Hatches; Hauling Out; Headroom; Heads; Headsails; Heaters; Heaving Lines; Heaving To; Heavy Weather; Height of Eye; HELP Posture; Hobbyhorsing; Holding Power; Holding Tanks; Horse; Latitudes; Horsepower; Horseshoe Buoys; Hull Colors; Hull Costs; Hull Shape;; Hull Trim; Hurricane Areas; Hurricane Tactics; Hydrofoils; Hypothermia
Iceboxes; Ice Damage; Inertia; Isobars
Jacklines; Jet Drives; Jet Streams; Jib Numbers; Jumping Lights; Junk Rigs; Jury Rigs
Kayaks as Tenders; Keels; Knots
Lateen Rig; Latitude, Longitude; Lead Lines; Lead Percentage; Leaks; Leeboards; Lee Helm; Leeway; Length-to-Beam Ratio; Life Jackets; Lifelines; Life Rafts; Lifesling System; Lighthouses; Lightning Protection; Lights at Anchor; Lightweight Anchors; Lines of Position; Lines Plans; Locating Batteries; Locks;; Lookouts; Lubber Line; Lying Ahull
Mainsail Slides; Making Fast; Man Overboard; Marine Operators; Masts; Mast Steps; Mast Vibration; Mayday Calls; Miles; Mooring; Motorsailers; Multihulls
Navigation Lights; Net Tonnage; New Anchors; Nighttime Boating; Noises in Fog; Nonskid Surfaces; Nylon Line
Ocean Currents; Ocean Temperatures; Ocean Voyaging; Ocean Water; Oil Bags; Osmosis; Outboard Motors; Overhangs; Overloading
Paint Amounts; Painting Time; Paints; Pan-Pan Calls; Passages, Gangways; Piloting; Pitchpoling; Planing; Planking; Plankton; Plastics; Plow Anchors; Plunging Breakers; Polypropylene; Polyurethane Paint; Pooping Seas; Portholes; Powerboat Engines; Preventers; Privacy; Propeller Advances; Propeller Drag; Propeller Facts; Propeller Fouling; Propeller Options; Propeller Thrust;; Propeller Vibration; Propeller Walk; Provisioning; Pulling Power; Purchases; Purifying Water
Quadrant; Quarantine; Quarter Berths; Quick-Stop Method
Radar Reflectors; Radar Sets; Radio Transmitters; Rafting Up; Ranges; RDF Sets; Reciprocal Bearings; Reefing; Reefing Options; Refrigeration; Registration; Renaming a Boat; Resins for Boats; Resistance; Rhumb Lines; Rigging Tension; Right of Way; Rigging Sizes; Rodes; Rogue Waves; Roller-Furling and Roller-Reefing Headsails; Roll Times; Rope Strength; Rope Stretch; Rope Versus Line; Rudder Loss; Rudders; Rules of the Road; Rum Punch; Running Inlets; Running Off
Safe Anchorage; Safe Anchor Weight; Sail Area; Sailboat Engines; Sailboat Handling; Sailboat Rigs; Sail Cloth; Sailing in Gusts; Sailing on Friday; Sails and "Lift"; Saloon; Salvage; Sandpaper; Scope for Anchors; Scudding; Sculling; Scurvy; Sea Anchors; Seacocks; Seakindliness; Sea, Land Breezes; Sealants; Seamanship; Seasickness; Seaworthiness; Self-Steering; Selling a Boat; Sentinels; Setting Anchors; Sextants; "She" Is for Ships; Sheet Sizes; A Ship`s Log; Shrouds and Stays; Single-Handed Sailboats; Single-Handed Sailing; Skegs; Skid Fins; Slack and Stand; Slips Versus Moorings; Smart Regulators; Solar Panels; Soundings; Sound Signals; Speed Limits; Speed of Boats; Speed Trials; Splicing Line; Spreaders; Stability; Stability Limits; Stainless Steel; Stanchions; Starter Draw; Steel Hulls; Steering Systems; Stern Anchoring; Stern Drives; Stern Glands; Stove Fuels; Sun Exposure; Surveyors; Synthetic Fibers
Tacking; Tacking Downwind; Tanks; Teak Finishes; Through-Hulls; Thunder and Lightning; Tidal Streams; Tidal Waves; Tides; Tillers; Time Signals; Time Zones; Tonnages; Tools; Torque; Towing; Towing Drogues; Trade Winds; Traffic Schemes; Trailerboats; Trim Tabs; Trysails; Turnbuckles; Twelfths Rule; Twin Screws
Unlucky Colors; Unlucky Names
Varnish Details; Varnishing; Ventilation; Voices in the Night
Wasted Fuel; Watchkeeping; Watermakers; Water Needs; Waterplane Area; Waterproof Clothes; Waterspouts; Watertight Bulkheads; Wave Height; Waves; Waves in Gales; Weather Fronts; Weather Helm; Weather Information; Wheel Turns; Whistling; Winches; Wind and Altitude; Wind Generators; Windlasses; Wind Systems; Winterizing; Wire Terminals; Wooden Hulls; Wooden Spars
X - Z
Xebecs; Yacht Definition; Yacht Design; Your Performance; Zinc Anodes

Oprawa miękka.
384 strony.
ISBN 9780071498883

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