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Motorboat Electrical and Electronics Manual - John C. Payne
Motorboat Electrical and Electronics Manual - John C. Payne
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Książka w języku angielskim.
Spis treści:

1. Diesel Engines

Diesel Theory. The Air System. Turbochargers. The Fuel System. Combustion. The Exhaust System. The Cooling System. The Lubricating Oil System. Oil Testing. Engine Lay-up Maintenance. Diesel Engine Troubleshooting. Sterndrive Gasoline Engines.

2. Engine Electrical Systems

Engine Starting Systems. Starters and Starter Types. Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Preheating Circuits. Starting System Diagrams and Configurations. Engine and Transmission Control Systems. Engine Synchronizers. Engine Management Systems. Steering Systems. Trim Tabs. Stabilizers. Jet Propulsion. Electric Propulsion.

3. Engine Instrumentation Systems

Engine Alarms and Instrumentation. Pressure Monitoring. Temperature Monitoring. Exhaust Gas Temperature Monitoring. Engine Tachometers. Bilge and Tank Level Monitoring. Electrical System Monitoring. Crankcase Oil Mist Detection. Fuel Monitoring. Rudder Angle Indicators. Gauge Testing. Sensor Testing. PLC (Programmable Logic Control) Systems. PLC Troubleshooting. Control Circuit Devices.

4. Thruster and Propulsion Systems

Thruster Ratings and Types. Thruster Control and Drive Motors. Thruster Maintenance, Servicing and Troubleshooting. Hydraulic Thrusters. Hydraulic Power Units. PLC Hydraulic Control Systems. Controllable Pitch Propellers (CPP). Hydraulic Generators.

5. Batteries

Battery Selection. Battery Ratings. Load Calculations. Lead Acid Batteries. Battery Electrolyte. Deep Cycle Batteries. Starting Batteries. Battery Safety. Battery Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and Valve Regulated Lead Acis (VRLA) Batteries and Charging. Gel Cell Batteries and charging. Alkaline Batteries. NiCad Battery Characteristics. Small Appliance Batteries.

6. Battery Charging Systems

Charging System Configurations. Failure Analysis, System Redundancy, and Risk Assessment. Multiple Alternator Charging System. Battery Charging Cycles. Alternator Charging, Selection, Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Overvoltage and Surge Protection. Alternator Regulators, Smart Regulators and Controllers. Alternative Charging Systems. Fuel Cells. AC Battery Chargers, Charger Types and Installation. Solar Energy Systems, Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Wind Charging Systems. Wind Generator Regulation and Troubleshooting.

7. DC Systems, Installation and Wiring

Electrical Standards. System Voltages. Voltage Conversion. How to Wire and Rewire Your Boat. Wiring Configurations. 42 Volt Power Systems. Circuit Control and Protection. Fuses. Circuit Breakers. Switchboard Troubleshooting. Conductor Selection and Installation. Instrument and Data Cable Installation. Grounding Systems. Conductor Terminations. Circuit Testing. Auxiliary DC Equipment. Elevators. Window Systems.

8. Corrosion and Lightning Protection

Galvanic Corrosion and Protection. Aluminium Boats. Timber and GRP Boats. Steel Boats. Galvanic Isolators. Impressed Current Cathodic Protection. Corrosion System Maintenance. Electrolytic (Stray Current) Corrosion. Steel/Alloy Hull Leakage Inspections. Lightning Physics. Lightning Protection. Surge and Transient Protection.

9. Deck Equipment and DC Motors

Anchor Windlass Selection. Anchor Selection. Anchor Electrical Installation. Anchor Windlass Electrical Control. Electric Furlers and Winches. DC Motors. Commutators. DC Motor Cleaning. Carbon Brushes.

10. Lighting Systems

Illumination Areas and Levels. Fluorescent Lights. Internal Lights. Dimmers and Voltage Stabilizers. Deck Lights. Spotlights. Navigation Lights and Technical Requirements.

11. Water and Sewage Systems

Pressurized water Systems. Water Pressure Pumps. Pump Wiring. Water System Strainers, Filters and Accumulators. Hot Water Calorifier. Shore Water Systems. Watermakers. Bilge Pump Systems, Installation and Maintenance. Shower Drain and Sink Systems. Sewage Systems MSD`s (Marine Sanitation Devices). Toilet Systems.

12. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

Diesel Heater Systems. Diesel Hot Water Boilers. Diesel Hot Water Heaters. Ventilation Fans. Air Conditioning.

13. Refrigeration Systems

Fundamentals of Refrigeration. Eutectic Refrigeration Systems. Compressors and Motors. Auxiliary Controls. Electric Refrigeration Systems. Hermetic Compressors. Refrigeration Troubleshooting. Domestic Refrigerators. Freezers. Ice Makers.

14. AC Power Systems

AC Power Safety. Shore Power Systems. 115/230 Volt Systems. 440/460VAC 60Hz 3 Phase System. Transformers. Shore Power Inverters. Uninterruptible Power Supplies. AC Circuit Protection Principles. Short Circuits, Causes and Calculations. Selecting Protection Equipment. AC Systems Installation. Ground Leakage Protection. Circuit Testing. Generators. Alternator Parameters and Rating Selection. Generator Rating Calculation. AC Equipment Ratings. Generator Systems, Protection, and Maintenance. Alternator Protection and Maintenance. Inverters.

15. AC Power Equipment

AC Motors and Motor Starters. Motor Circuit Protection. AC Variable Speed Drivers. Bearing, Coupling and Pulley Installation and Alignment. Bearing Failures and Lubrication. AC Motor Inspection, Repair and Maintenance. Rubber Belts. AC Appliances. Washing Machines. Clothes Dryers. Dish washers. Galley Ranges. Microwaves. Trash Compactors. Waste Disposers.


16. Electronics Systems

Basics Systems. Power Supplies. Navigation Stations. Notebook Computer Systems. Software Options. Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

17. GMDSS Communications

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. Operational Details. Distress Communications Frequencies. Digital Selective Calling (DSC). GMDSS and Motor Boats. Satellite Communications Systems. COSPAS/SARSAT System. EPIRBs. EPIRB Activation Sequence and Operation. EPIRB Maintenance. Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs). Radar Target Enhancers (RTEs). Search and Rescue Transponders (SARTs). NAVTEX. VHF Radio. Theory, Propagation, and Operation Procedures. VHF Frequencies:USA Great Lakes - Canada St.Lawrence, Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Coast, Pacific Coast, Caribbean, Europe, UK, Mediterranean, Australia and New Zeland. VHF Channels. VHF Aerials, Cables, Connections, Installation and Testing.

18. Communications

Cellular Telephones. SSB/HF Radio. Signal Propagation. Space Weather Effects and HF Radio. Operation Requirements (Licensing). HF Radio Frequencies & Bands. U.S., Canada & Caribbean, England, Atlantic, Mediterranean, Australia and New Zealand. HF Radio Tuner Units and Aerials. HF Radio Grounds. HF Radio Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Amateur (Ham) Radio. Ham Nets. Short Wave Radio Frequencies. E-Mail Services and Service Providers. Satellite Services. Weatherfax Receivers.

19. Position Fixing Systems

Repeatable Accuracy. Predictable Accuracy. Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS Accuracy and Error Sources. GLONASS Positioning System. Space Weather and GPS Effects. GPS Installation and Troubleshooting. LORAN. Radio Direction Finding (RDF).

20. Electronic Charting

Chart Plotters. Cartography Systems. Chart Corrections and Updates. Software.

21. Echosounders, Fishfinders, and Sonar

Echosounders (Depth Sounders). Fishfinders. Frequencies and Power Output. Fishfinder Displays. Forward Looking Sonar. Installation. Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

22. Radar and Radar Reflectors

Radar Theory. Radar Horizons. Radar Displays. Radar Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Radar Reflectors and Theory. Radar Detectors. Radar Reflection Polar Diagrams. Radar Fresnel Zones.

23. Autopilots

Autopilot Selection and Installation. Autopilot Controls. Autopilot Maintenance.

24. Instrument Systems

Integration and Architecture. Interfacing. Gyro and Electronic Compasses. Fluxgate Compasses. Speed/Logs. Wind Instruments. Instrument Installation and Maintenance.

25. Interference

radio Frequency Interference. Noise Sources. Suppression Methods. Screening. Noise Troubleshooting. Cable Planning and Installation. Fiber Optics.

26. Fire, Gas and Security Systems

Fire Detection Systems. Smoke Detectors. Installation. Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Gas Detection. Security Systems. CCTV Surveillance Systems.

27. Entertainment Systems

Satellite TV. Television. TV Aerials. Video and DVD Players. Computers. Stereos. Satellite Radios. Speakers.

28. Troubleshooting, Testing and Basic Theory

Troubleshooting Philosophy. Troubleshooting Procedure. How to Use a Multimeter. Meter Maintenance. Spare parts and Tools. Three Language Electrical Glossary.




Oprawa twarda, lakierowana.
499 stron.
Format: 180x260 mm.
ISBN 0-7136-6503-3

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